Welcome to the Zombie Resistance Militia!


The Beginning

The Zombie Resistance Militia was conceptualized and founded in 2008 with a now defunct blog called "Anti-Zombie Militia" hosted at Blogspot. Hundreds of pictures, videos, works of fiction, music, reviews, and other zombie related materials were posted here, mostly for the sake of sharing cool pictures with friends over the internet. However, the page gained a lot of positive attention, and the decision was made to turn it into a website and become active in the zombie community. The original ZRMILITIA page was a single black and white page containing a few words, a donate button, a link to the Anti-Zombie Militia blog, and an email address to join the resistance.

The purpose of this page was to get the ZRMILITIA name out there, have somewhere to link the Facebook group, and to be active while getting the site its own domain and planning the best plan to make an impact in the zombie community.

The Rise

In 2010, ZRMILITIA.com was launched with the goal of becoming a well-know platform for the discussion of zombie culture and to be a place where zombie and horror fans can find comic books, memorabilia, movies, and links to other zombie media. The site went through rapid transformation as the creator experiemented with content management systems, social networks, blogs, and every possible avenue to make the site reach its potential. Once the site was established, the site was complete with a new logo, an interactive user map, a forum, comic shop, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and a creative team that was very active in the community and within other zombie organizations. Unfortunately the prior version of the website did not survive, however the logo can be seen by clicking below.

At it's peak, this website was attracting members and discussions from people in over 30 countries, and was involved in many zombie communities and events.

The Fall

In 2011, ZRMILITIA.com was experiencing difficulties in funding and participation in core areas of the organization. The cost of operation was exceeding the income of the site, and parts of the creative team were moving to other regions and engaging in other projects and pursuits. Prior to the end of ZRMILITIA.com, a final website version was being perfected and organized, however this website never made it to the ZRMILITIA community.

The Return

Like a true zombie, the Zombie Resistance Militia was resurrected in August 2014 with a new creative team, new vision, and now plan of attack. Rather than focusing on specifically zombie media, ZRMILITIA seeks to promote all young entrepreneurs and rising talent. As time goes on, ZRMILITIA will continue to build a strong social media and internet presence as it shares all that the small business world has to offer. We believe that in order to promote new ideas, we must promote the people who create them and assist those who are looking to get themselves out there. We at ZRMILITIA believe that if you are not challenged, you are not changing. We will face many challenges, and while doing so, will promote many changes.